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foreclosure property

1211 Riverview LN.

Seagoville, TX 75159



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foreclosure property

1402 Country Club Rd

Ennis, TX 75119

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RENTAL property

245 Prairie Grove

Dallas, TX 75217

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RENTAL property

1111 Whitley Dr.

Dallas, TX 75217

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about us

Pioneer 1 Realty’s REO department is fully staffed to handle all levels of service with a three fold system: Pre-Marketing Department, Marketing Department, and Closing Department.  Pioneer 1 Realty’s friendly staff can do it all, from a quick accurate turn around drive - by BPO to a FULL Marketing and Maintenance service.  Professional processing of forms and photos with the latest technology & digital quality via E-Mail or fax allows us to keep in contact and on top of assignments.

what we offer

Pre-foreclosure drive-by BPO:

24 Hour Occupancy Status

Secure Vacant Properties

Interior BPO and Valuation

Property Trashouts

Timely Monthly Marketing Reports


Re-key in 24 hours or less


Commercial REO's:

Gas Stations

Multi Family Residential

Apartment Complexes

Warehouses / Industrial

Convenience Stores

Removal of “personal)


Highway Frontage Land

Residential REO's:

Single Family

Multi-Family-Duplex, Tri, Quad

Mobile Homes

Vacant lots/Acreage

High Rise Condos-Downtown


In addition to Pioneer 1 Realty's listings, you can now also view ALL listings in the entire Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area - From Residential and Commercial Properties to Lots & Acreages, Multi Family, and Residential Leases!


chato castillo

Chato Castillo has been providing REO services for the last nine years.  Having worked with Cendant four years in their real estate division, Chato knows what REO asset managers want:  proffesional & accurate BPO’s, timely monthly reports, and to be available when called.  But most importantly, they want agents who work hard, go the extra mile and earn their money.  Chato knows this because that is what he expected from his REO agents, while working for Cendant and managing their Exxon/Mobile asset inventory homes.

cindy castillo

Cindy Castillo-Realtor Owner.  Cindy has been a Realtor professional since November 2006 within that time she has helped many to buy and sell properties.  Cindy loves showing buyers their options and negotiating skills to purchase not only a house but a home.  Also she works with a couple of investors in different areas of the metro-plex, she is on the ball to helping them get the best house for the best price in this fast REO market.  She also has experience in the new construction of properties.  She can give advice to the builder as well as to a buyer that want to purchase a new home, making sure that the buyer gets all the benefits of a new home purchase.  Some of her office responsibilities include taking care of coordinating closings for the properties, having close relations with title companies as well as head of the renter/tenant department.  She handles all the billing, work orders, payments and tenant interaction.  With all of the above in her plate, she still makes time for her family, as family should always come first.  If you are looking for a Realtor that you can count on and do business with for a life time, then she will be perfect for you!

cesar sotelo

“Every day is a learning experience around Chato” states Cesar. Cesar’s everyday tasks include following up agents that show Pioneer 1 Realty’s properties, marketing properties (posting them on various websites, newspapers, drawing up marketing flyers and so forth) listing new properties, negotiating all upcoming offers, producing monthly marketing analysis reports as well as CMAs/BPOs but only under Chato Castillo’s supervision. Cesar hopes to make the Real Estate business his own one day but is very content with his job and loves facing the challenges that arise monthly.

janet huerta

Janet Huerta Real Estate Agent. I love real estate because I get to work with people & I get to help them with one of the most important decisions they're ever going to make. I've created a concierge type service for any of the clients I work with weather you're buying or selling. You will not lift a finger from the beginning right to the end. You will not lift a finger from the beginning right to the end. Whether it's picking up documents, dropping things off to City Hall, whatever is required through your process, I'm going to help you with it. In today's fast moving Real Estate Market, you have to be connected 24/7. Anytime a client needs to get a hold of me, they can access me & I will communicate with them in a timely manner.  I've created a guarantee that if you are at all dissatisfied with any aspect of my service or my business I will provide an unconditional release for you. In person, let me explain to you how I run my business & more importantly how that's going to help you though your sales process or your buying process.  Real Estate Agent since 2011

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